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Wax and Wane Your Way to Success: Tapping into the Moon for Manifestation: Part I: The Waxing Moon

It’s no secret that the moon and its phases have the ability to affect our lives here on Earth. For evidence of that, just look at how the moon influences things like the ocean’s tides and the way that we keep time, or ask a teacher or ER nurse how they feel about full moons. 

The moon is our closest celestial neighbor so it makes sense that it would hold a powerful energetic influence over us—one that we can align ourselves with to amplify and support our manifestation efforts here on Earth.  

If you’re able to look at the moon tonight or in the next couple of days, you’ll see it gradually appear to grow larger as it transits from the new moon we had on October 13th/14th to the full moon on October 28th. This growing period is called the moon’s “waxing” phase and working magick with the waxing moon provides the optimal timing and lunar energies to manifest and bring your intentions into fruition. 

What is the Waxing Moon? 

The waxing lunar phase begins after the new moon when just a sliver of the moon becomes visible in the sky. As the moon waxes, more of its surface area reflects sunlight each night until the entire face illuminates at the full moon approximately 14 days later. The waxing crescent, first quarter, and gibbous moon all fall under the waxing moon umbrella term, with each title referring to a different level of the illumination as the moon appears to us to grow bigger and brighter. 

How the Waxing Moon Supports Manifestation

The waxing moon's energy directly corresponds to ideas of: 

  • Growth

  • Expansion

  • Attainment

  • Increasing vibrational frequency 

As the moon appears to “grow,” it symbolically reflects our own goals waxing into fruition. The lunar pull is steadily building, just as our intentions are powerfully building momentum to manifest–an energy that will peak during the full moon. The two-week window between the New and Full moon is ideal for setting intentions or working any magick related to things you want to draw in/receive, such as:

  • Opportunities

  • Financial abundance/money

  • Manifesting a new job/starting a business

  • Attracting/Increasing romance

  • Planning -towards- a goal

  • Fertility

The general idea is that the waxing moon is for manifesting/drawing something -towards you and the waning moon is for releasing/casting something -away- from you. Could you manifest during a different moon phase? Sure…you can try. But why spend extra energy moving against the current when you could move with it? 

You can also amp up your moon magick by incorporating what zodiac sign the moon is in into your intentions and rituals! 

For example, the moon is currently in the sign of SAGITTARIUS and Sagittarius is associated with 

  • Travel

  • Communication–especially direct, honest communication

  • Freedom/breaking with routine

  • Education/Learning

  • Spontaneity

I like to combine the energies of the phase of the moon and the zodiac sign of the moon to create an “energy forecast” and set my intentions around that. 

Waxing Moon in Sagittarius Energy: 

✅ ideal for learning, traveling, new ideas, honest communication, fun adventures, meeting new people, and breaking with routine

❌ not great for rigid structure, getting stuck on timelines/deadlines, trying to control others, taking things personally

⛳️ Tread carefully with: brutal honesty, teasing 

Some Other Waxing Moon Ideas/Activities: 

  1. Making Moon Water: Create moon water by leaving water (preferably in a silver bowl) overnight under the waxing moon to absorb its manifestation energy. Use this water to water plants as you tend your garden, drink it to internalize the magic, or add it to your baths.

  2. Manifestation Box: Gather symbols of your desires such as vision boards, cash, keys, pictures, seeds, essential oils, etc. Place them in a manifestation box and leave outside or on a windowsill to be charged under the waxing moon.

  3. Altar Building: Design an altar with objects, colors, gemstones, and imagery that aligns with your manifestation goals. The waxing moon is perfect for blessing and energizing your altar.

  4. Moon Magick Journaling: Journal under the waxing moon about your desires as if they are already manifested. Describe them in present tense with vivid details to crystallize intentions.

  5. Affirmations: Chant, write, or repeat specific affirmations for your goals during the waxing moon to magnify manifestation power.

  6. Crystal Grids: Select crystals associated with your intentions like citrine for prosperity or rose quartz for love. Arrange in a grid to align their energies under the waxing moon.

  7. Moon Bath or Shower: Draw a bath infused with moon-charged herbs, crystals, and essential oils or take a shower and imagine washing away any doubts, making space for fulfillment.

  8. Spellwork and Sigils: Perform spellwork like crafting sigils or cord magic aligned to your goals enhanced under the waxing moon. Release or ignite them to activate.

Key Tips for Manifesting with the Waxing Moon

  • Set clear intentions and be specific with goals for the waxing moon period.

  • Focus on growth, expansion, improvement, and increasing vibrational energy.

  • Perform actions, rituals, and creative visualization to manifest during the 14-day window.

  • Track the dates to align your practices and spells accordingly.

  • Avoid negativity, doubt, or focusing on scarcity/lack which can sabotage your efforts.

  • Have patience, trust, and gratitude as the universe aligns to your intentions in divine timing.

The waxing moon provides the perfect energetic climate to plant the seeds of your desires, goals, and dreams so they may blossom under the full moon's illumination. Harness your cosmic co-creator power by intentionally aligning with the moon and you’ll see quick results :) 


Juliet Rose

Three tarot cards—The Tower, the Ace of Wands, and the World from the Trick or Treat tarot are accompanied by two Oracle cards. The Oracle cards pictured are “Fly” from the Dark Moon Magick Oracle and the Hunter from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle. The cards are accompanied by pyrite and aventurine crystals.
Tarot and Oracle Reading for Waxing Moon in Sagittarius Magick

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