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Sun Kissed Owl Magic
by Juliet Rose Tricomi

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About Me

How Sunkissed Owl Magic was Born: 


For a very long time, my magical "brand" was centered around the planet Mars. I called my magic "War Medicine," until I realized that's not all that it is or an accurate representation of who I am as a practitioner or as a person. Mars is my chart ruler and will always be special to me as the access point through which I "found" and identified my own power, but I no longer want to identify with only one piece of my chart or with a brand born of me trying to heal my Mars and find a healthy relationship with anger, lust, and power. While all these are facets of the human and magical experience, they're not the whole experience. 

For me, in life, magic, creativity, healing, looking for safe spaces after trauma, etc...I've always come back to solar symbolism. Our sun is the center of our known universe after all--the one whom we all return to. For most of my life, I was always looking for the sun outside of myself--in metaphor, in mythology, in love--and one of my favorite parts of my journey growing into myself and my practice has been finding the sun in myself. The owl as a totem has been my guide and I want to honor that as well as the beautiful symbolic connections both owls and the sun have in both my indigenous and my Sicilian heritage. 

Owls and the sun don't usually "go together." When we think of owls, we think of nocturnal mysteries, darkness, death, the moon...which I think is why owls sometimes scare people when they start showing up. They scared me at first, too. But owls also symbolize transformation, rebirth, wisdom, growth, magic, initiation, learning and teaching, and journeys through liminal spaces. My mother told me growing up that my own birth was heralded by the cries of an owl. Our brains want the comfort of duality so badly that sometimes we don't want to see something like an owl outside of "scary darkness" or the sun outside of "love and light positivity," but I think we need the balance of both and the occasional subversion of what we know to usually be true. Hence, the "birth" of Sunkissed Owl Magic--witchcraft and guidance for all parts of the life experience--in shadow and in light, in chaos and in calm, and in the magic of all of it alchemized together and the beautiful possibility of what all of us can be then. 

I will always love "the mars witch" as an origin story, but limiting myself to just that felt like putting on an admittedly comfortable old outfit that just doesn't quite fit right anymore, nor did it feel authentic to where I'm at now to try and box myself into being one "type" of person or witch. 

The Sunkissed Owl is all about the freedom to keep flying, keep growing, keep changing while still feeling comfortable, safe, and guided. It's playful and it inspires. So if this resonates--welcome!

As a neurodivergent person and as a witch, I work best in the "in-between."I have been a long time devotee of Sekhmet, Set, and Nepthys in all their forms--Sekhmet the bloodthirsty and Sekhmet the healer, Set God of Chaos and Mercury Retrograde and the Set who tried to redeem his prior behavior by being the next best version of himself. The Nepthys who flies between the upper and under realms. I make magical talismans out of bones I ethically source and cure in the sun as well as sun and moon charged candles and herbal blends. As my Sicilian ancestors come from the seaside town at the base of Mt. Etna, I am deeply connected with volcanic magic--all that fire and Mars and power coupled with grounded mountain patience. I like to grow and cultivate baneful and culinary plants and herbs in equal measure and find my best magic comes from blending science and mystery, cosmic energy and all the natural gifts the Earth has right here. 

As far as my work as a psychic and medium, I was drawn to spiritualism from a young age and was the little kid who always talked about interacting with spirits and wanting to know about all different religions. I showed a natural proclivity for mediumship, psychometry and pyromancy from childhood and fifteen years ago, I began reading and studying oracle and then tarot cards. I don't see the information that comes up in readings as coming from within me, but more like I'm tapping into a stream and channeling/downloading it through. I'm not a doctor or a therapist and messages that come up in readings are meant to be for the highest good of the client as best as I can give them, to be used not as instructions, but as advice/an outside "storyboard" perspective of what's going on to help us all be the next best versions of ourselves. 

When South Philly energy met New Orleans energy, it was always gonna get weird. <3


My Services

Divination, Mediumship, and Spiritual Empowerment


20 Minute Tarot Reading



20 Minute In-Depth Relationship Reading


45 Minute Mediumship Session



35 Minute Tarot and Oracle Reading



~"Witchcraft, practiced honorably, gives you power beyond your imagination"~


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New Orleans, LA, USA


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